Retail & CPG

Meeting the evolving needs of a new marketplace

The perfect operation, from getting orders to meeting the needs of a customer and guaranteeing their satisfaction requires the highest caliber skilled staff.

At Itechtron, we’ve brought together all you require to meet the growing demand for highly talented workforce in the retail and CPG sector. Our recruiters all whom are veterans in the retail industry are highly knowledgeable of the required standards, regulations, and technologies that can influence your desired outcome.

It is with the understanding of this knowledge that we would supply you with custom-matched professionals to fill your contractual, permanent or leadership positions.

And to ensure your complete peace of mind, the candidates we send you are all screened, security cleared and highly skilled in their areas of pursuits which means they will fit without fuss into your retail/CPG operations.

Itechtron is your source for retail/CPG staff in the following areas:

  • Sales support
  • Customer relationship management
  • Business functions and operations
  • Market place researcher and analyst
  • Supply chain

We’ve helped start-ups find their feet and we’ve helped bigger business consolidate through our retail/CPG services which has provided them with the talents that ensure the smooth function of their business.

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