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The financial industry is one of the most dynamic and equally one fraught with its challenges which include finding world class talents and executives that can adapt and evolve with the trends to deliver desired outcomes.

With regular updates in regulations, constantly changing practices, and advancement in technology, you need a workforce to take advantage of these changes or you’ll get left behind fast. Unfortunately, identifying, screening, and developing expertise in-house can be overwhelming and in some cases, make poor economic sense. That is where we come in at Itechtron.

Our financial services experts are adept in sourcing and will help you fill temporary and permanent positions whether they are front, middle and back office positions. You’ll quickly appreciate our extensive industry knowledge, unmatched network of recruiters and enviable database of sought after human resources to help you avoid pitfalls in your talent acquisition process.

We deliver a full range of organization-specific customized financial services recruitment/staffing solutions to help position forward thinking financial organizations ahead of the pack minus the hassle of identifying, screening, and training.

We are trusted for hires that are unparalleled in:

  • Accounting, audit
  • treasury and equities
  • Compliance and Insurance
  • Operations and fund management
  • Debt and Risk management
  • Wealth and asset management
  • Others

Our recruiters are specialists – it means you won’t be bothered with a hire that’s not fit for purpose.

We know that the type of staff you’re looking for are quite different from that of other sectors – amongst other things they should possess integrity, the right mentality, and keen eye for details. We also know what they have to offer, more importantly we only match you with talents that have expertise that would exceed your requirements.

We’ve taken out the guesswork, cut down the risks, and stacked the odds in your favor to land the brightest minds in the financial service industry.

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